September 11, 2014 Agenda Package

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AGENDA 2014. 09.11

Minutes 2014.05.01

Minutes 2014.06.05

Committee Reports (Combined) 2014 – updated

LCPC Terms of Reference draft Sept 2014

LCPC Orientation Package DRAFT 2014

ToR Stewardship Committee FINAL

Planners Report – annual

2014 LCPC Planning Timeline

Refreshments 2014-2015

2014 Aboriginal Planning Final


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Recreation Subsidies Available

Thanks to the Lanark Leeds Grenville Healthy Community Partnership of Lanark, Leeds-Grenville, an online list of  support for kids recreation is available.Removing barriers to make recreation accessible for all children in our communities is important to all of us!

Funders by Municipality in Lanark County: (Click on the links below for details!)

The Phoenix Center for Children and Families, a Renfrew County not-for-profit Children’s

Mental Health Centre, announced the launch of Welcome to Parenting for Young Parents on July 16, 2014. This online resource aims to provide young parents with the skills,

knowledge and confidence they need to become a positive and confident parent and create happy,

healthy families. The Phoenix Centre, with funding from Trillium Foundation and 10 collaborating

agencies has adapted the Welcome to Parenting program for young


Teen and young parent pregnancies have higher risks for the parent as well as the child in many different

areas, including birth weight, physical health, preterm labour, mental health and family

life/relationships. Welcome to Parenting for Young Parents was developed using evidence-based

content and covers an array of topics from prenatal up to 12 months of age. It includes prenatal and

postnatal care, labour and birth, nutrition, relationships, attachment, growth and child development to

help parents be the best parents possible. Young parents have access to experts and an online parent


Executive Director of the Phoenix Center, Greg Lubimiv is one of the program’s health experts available

for users to ask questions. “The majority of parents, in particular first time parents, are experiencing

unprecedented stress in their role as mothers and fathers. Most parents’ view their role as the most

important job they have, but research tells us they aren’t feeling supported,” says Lubimiv.

In a landmark Canadian study called Vital Communities, Vital Support (2010), it became clear that first

time parents did not feel they were receiving enough emotional and practical support. This may be the

outcome of a growing stigma attached to parents needing and asking for help and training. Research

shows that healthy children begin with parents who have the knowledge, skills, confidence and support

they need to do their most important job – raising a child.

The Canadian report also revealed that fifteen percent of mothers and nearly 30 percent of fathers

report insufficient levels of positive parenting (involving praise, encouragement, and affection). In

addition, 25 percent of mothers and 30 percent of fathers indicate excessive levels of negative parenting

(angry/aggressive, punitive, harsh parenting) and notes this is not confined to parents with low income

or education.

Lubimiv says, “Levels of positive parenting are not high enough. On average, parents who are high users

of programs and resources are 70% more likely to exhibit positive parenting. Welcome to Parenting for

Young Parents includes the Comfort, Play, Teach approach that gives parents positive parenting

techniques. By developing the right tools and removing the stigma around support for parents,

increased health and wellbeing will be the natural result.”

To celebrate the launch of this program,  five free access codes will be offered to agencies or government

departments. For more information visit. or email .





Only 26 days until kids go back to school!


Are you shopping for backpacks for the new school year? KidsHealth has provided these tips:

As practical as they are, backpacks can strain muscles and joints and cause back pain if they’re too heavy or used incorrectly (like being worn over one shoulder instead of both).
Look for a backpack that has:
• lighter weight construction (a canvas backpack weighs less than a leather one, for instance)
• two wide, padded shoulder straps (narrow straps can dig into shoulders)
• a padded back, which increases comfort and protects kid…s from being poked by sharp edges (of pencils, rulers, notebooks, etc.) inside the pack
• a waist belt, which helps distribute weight evenly across the body
• multiple compartments, which also help distribute weight evenly

New Leadership Structure at UCDSB

Have you heard about the new leadership structure at the Upper Canada District School Board?  New Coordinating Administrative Principals Ron Ferguson and Carole Dufort made an excellent presentation to the Lanark County Planning Council, and it can be seen here:  New Leadership Structure UCDSB

We congratulate the following Principals, and invite you to read the UCDSB press releases about the new CAPS for Lanark County, including Ron Ferguson for Lanark North, John Gow for Lanark South, and Carole Dufort for Rideau.