Key Messages 2017

February 2, 2017

  1. Funding for the various free after-school programs is threatened
  2. We will be collecting information various programs in Lanark County that help people on lower incomes, and will be reaching out to the Perth Community Foundation who are undertaking a Vitality Indicators project.
  3. The Community Asset Mapping will be considering institutional (formal), associational (informal), and personal relationships and assets. Register and be part of the day on March 1st!
  4. The LCPC delegation to the ARC#4 was really well received, and Kevin and Fraser made a great presentation. Next dates include the February 15 staff report and recommendations to Board of Trustees; Feb 22 – Board of Trustees meeting; March 2 – delegations to Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees (schools that remain on the list after the staff report ); March 23 – special meeting Board of Trustees to make final decision

January 5, 2017

  1. The Poverty issue, especially as it relates to Basic Income, is very passionately supported by members of LCPC, and we would really like to see the working group reactivated.
  2. We will send a letter to Accommodation Review Committee re UCDSB school closures and will ask to appear as a delegation at the Jan. 30 public meeting.  Erin, Kara, Fraser, Kevin and Jane will work on the presentation
  3. We have the opportunity to create our own future for the Planning Council and need to take the time, with all partners in attendance, to plan forward.
  4. The Community Issue Working Group has been really busy, working on TRC, school closures, basic income, and anti-racism anti-oppression
  5. Jane and Erin do a lot of work!
  6. If anyone is interested in office/program space in Smiths Falls, others are also looking and would like to explore shared space.  Please contact Kevin Clouthier ( ) if you would like to plan in partnership with others.