LCPC Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation Commitment


Whereas The United Nations has implemented the declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, that Canada has fully endorsed


Whereas Indigenous peoples have been victims of racism and discrimination over hundreds of years


Whereas Indigenous peoples are critical contributors to the fabric of Canadian society and the Lanark County and the town of Smiths Falls communities; and


Whereas Indigenous families of Lanark County and the town of Smiths Falls have the right to access services in their home community


Whereas  Indigenous families have a right to be safe at work, at home, online, in the streets, in detention, in fact where ever they live, love, play and work


Whereas statistics show that Indigenous women are disproportionately the subject of violence in all these contexts


We, the LCPC believe that all genders can pledge to take concrete steps to implement the TRC recommendations and call for action for gender balanced leadership, respect and value of difference, develop a more inclusive and flexible Lanark County and the town of Smiths Falls culture and influence power structures locally, nationally and globally


Therefore, we, the Lanark County Planning Council declare, based on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations, our support to improve and empower the lives of all Indigenous peoples of Lanark County and the town of Smiths Falls, and beyond


DATED at Lanark County, June 2, 2016