Social Media

Thanks to a great grant from our Green Shield, the Lanark County Planning Council for Children, Youth and Families was able to offer  training to 116 people from 21 of our partnering agencies  over 26 sessions within 3 months. Of those trained, 80% believe their social media allows or will allow them to reach more parents and clients with their communication, which will result in more youth and families accessing service!

Our Communications/Social Media Working Group developed training modules, and the training was delivered by our Community Coordinator, Jane Torrance, with assistance from our Data Analysis Coordinator, Emily Cassell.  Jane and Emily were both trained at Algonquin College and received a Certificate in Social Media as part of the sustainability strategy of a previous grant provided by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

The modules can be found on Prezi, or as PDF files as linked here:

Social Media for Nonprofits

Social Media Channels

What Your Board Should Know About Social Media

Setting up Facebook for Your Organization

Facebook Privacy

Setting up Twitter for Your Organization

Communication, Social Media Strategy and Policy

Social Media Metrics and Hootsuite


Thanks to  both our sponsors for this terrific project!

Ministry of Children and Youth Services
Green Shiled