Lanark County Child and Youth Services Collaborative

Vision: Children and youth in our communities are thriving. They are served by a well informed, responsive and effective community of organizations.

Mission: The collaborative provides leadership and collaboration to enable optimal development and healthy living for Lanark County children, youth and their families.


  • Information Sharing
  • Collaboration and Planning
  • Community Education and Advocacy

*Diversity and inclusion included in everything we do.

The geographic community of Lanark County includes both the rural areas and town centres that make up the County of Lanark, including the separated Town of Smiths Falls.

The Lanark County Planning Council for Children, Youth and Families came into existence in 2007.  The Council became known as the Lanark County Child and Youth Collaborative in 2019.

The Collaborative meets on a monthly basis.

The membership of this Collaborative includes organizations and agencies in Lanark County that provide services to children, youth and their families.  The majority of members are senior management, executive directors, networks or people appointed by agencies. There is representation from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

The Collaborative is supported in their work by a community coordinator  who is funded through the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.  There are other such planning groups in South Eastern Ontario and the coordinators meet regularly to share ideas and issues of common interest.

Any questions??

Please contact

Sharon Halladay, Lanark County Collaborative Coordinator

[email protected]

Co-Chairs Kevin Clouthier and Sue Poldervaart  cut cake at our March 2019 meeting to reveal our new name: Lanark County Child and Youth Services Collaborative.

Collaborative members have created a wordle that lays out what we feel children in Lanark County need to thrive.  It will serve as a reminder for our work at each meeting.

Black Lives Matter

The Lanark County Child and Youth Services Collaborative supports the BLM movement.   As a collaborative we recognize the need to make change, educate and do our own learning.  We understand the intersections related to poverty, access, equity and systemic barriers.  We will remain active in being a part of local change.

I Pledge Challenge

I Pledge Challenge – Members committing to support youth mental health at our January 2022 meeting.

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