Key Messages 2016

December 1, 2016 Key Messages

  1. Today was CSO Constable Dave Murphy’s last meeting with LCPC before he returns to his regular police duties at SFPD. We have appreciated his willingness to participate in our working groups, and his thoughtful additions, and we had cake in his honour and will send a letter of appreciation to the Smiths Falls Police Department
  2. Special Needs Strategy training for front-line workers on Coordinated family-centred service planning for children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs will be held Tuesday February 28 and Thursday March 23.  Please hold these dates
  3. Jane will remain in Planner position full time to March 31 2017 and part-time (17.5 hours per week) April 1 to December 31, 2017.  We are planning for the future and new possibilities and a new model in 2018
  4. Pupil Accommodation Review response to ARC#4 is being drafted and will come back in January.  We will ask to present as LCPC at the January 30th public meeting with a broad holistic message re what is necessary for children, youth and families.
  5. Mississippi Mills Youth Centre is opening its doors with a grand opening at 134 Main Street E, Almonte on December 8th from 6 t0 8pm, with catering from a local Syrian Refugee family
  6. TRC action is moving forward, and a joint proposition  from our LCPC working group and Neighbours for Truth and Reconciliation will be considered at County Council on December 7 at 5pm.  All are encouraged to attend and support.
  7. An emerging issue is racism and oppression, and we will look at and anti-racism and anti-oppression campaign in the new year.  For now, we should all watch Peggy McIntosh in

November 3, 2016 Key Messages

  1. Kids Help Phone has an abundance of resources:
  2. After-school programming really is an emerging issue, and a much longer time frame is need to discuss. If you are providing after-school programming, please contact Jennifer Miller who will be pulling together the various partners to work on a joint presentation in November or December
  3. There are positive changes at the United Way of Lanark County.. Presentation will be posted to the web site
  4. School Closures will absolutely have an impact on our children, youth and families, and our LCPC Community Issues Working Group will take the lead on our response.
  5. The Communication Plan was well done
  6. Funding for Planner’s Position – the steering committee will investigate options and report back for further discussion

October 6, 2016 Key Messages:

  1. The Planning Council is doing awesome work, as reflected in the 2015/2016 Annual Achievements.  If you have anything to add to the list, let Jane know.
  2. The Journey to Truth and Reconciliation in Lanark County, hosted by LCPC on September 27, was powerful and positive, and the Community Issues/TRC Working Group will continue full steam ahead.
  3. Elections resulted in Kevin Clouthier and Sue Poldervaart being re-elected as Co-Chairs, and Warren McMeekin being elected as the new Member-at-Large
  4. Comprehensive youth services being offered by the 5 Youth Centres across Lanark County are outstanding, and we should be prepared to advocate to the Province to maintain this level of service.
  5. The transformation agenda can be seen everywhere, including management of and funding for
    1. Ontario Early Years Centre
    2. Data Analysis Coordinator
    3. Early Literacy Specialist
    4. Planner

May 5, 2016 Key Messages:

  1. Parameters have now been set around referrals to Situation Table – info will be posted on lanarkkids
  2. PLEO is now offering a parent-to-parent (of children and youth experiencing mental health and addictions issues) support group supported by Open Doors in Carleton Place
  3. Restorative Justice Practice will be introduced to more than 13,000 youth in Lanark County over the next 3 years by Lanark County Community Justice Program
  4. The Perkins Building in Perth is strongly being considered for purchase with purpose to provide emergency housing for youth along with youth services, including YAK and a social enterprise.
  5. The Way Home conference on youth homelessness will be help in Lanark County in October with more information to follow
  6. The Youth Centre in Smiths Falls has been renovated and new bathrooms include a shower and laundry facilities for youth
  7. Postcards for Attiwapiskat were provided during meeting and notes of care were sent to the youth, grandmothers’ aunties, families, teachers of that community in crisis

April 7, 2016 Key Messages:

  1. Social Media Training will continue
  2. Youth Collective Impact is going places!  Jane will send out the PDF
  3. Commitment  to Truth and Reconciliation was presented and will be voted upon, as amended, in a future meeting.
  4. The Situation Table will be presented next month

January 7, 2016 Key Messages:

1.       Transformation in Children’s Mental Health:  Lorena Crosbie and Beth Kent presented to LCPC and Power Point has been added to lanarkkids website.   As lead agency,  Children’s Mental Health of Leeds Grenville has developed a service scan survey which has been widely circulated, but we are all asked to help with circulation.  ED’s, managers and front-line staff are all asked to complete the survey.

2.       Kevin Clouthier has volunteered to step in as Co-Chair for the LCPC

3.       We  accomplished a lot in 2015 and the LCPC Actions and Achievements presentation proved this!  Will be posted to website

4.       Building Collaborative Organizations – a series of 4 workshops building on Collective Impact will be offered this winter/spring, and will be sponsored in part by United Way and The Mills to keep costs low.  Feb, March, April dates and invitations will be distributed soon.

5.       Syrian Refugee family support will be on the agenda next meeting.