Active Transportation Summit

2nd annual EOATS

Local Active Transportation champions and the County of Renfrew are working together to host the 2nd Annual Eastern Ontario Active Transportation Summit on May 29th, bringing together planners, politicians, municipalities, recreation, education, health organizations, businesses and the public to promote the community benefits of cycling, walking, paddling and other non-motorized modes of recreation and transportation.

The event will increase knowledge and understanding of the connections between Active Transportation and economic development, health, well-being, community development, environment and tourism.  Participants will highlight and learn from success stories in Renfrew County and elsewhere in Eastern Ontario.

The County of Renfrew and the Active Transportation Working Group of the Physical Activity Network of Renfrew County (PAN-RC) are planning the Active Transportation Summit, scheduled to take place in Pembroke at Carefor, 700 Mackay St. (former Marguerite Centre) on May 29. The event is a follow-up to the Active Transportation Summit that took place last year in neighbouring Almonte, Lanark County. Advocates and municipal planners from throughout eastern Ontario are attending to build on existing work, compare notes, share best practices and learn from one another.

“The purpose of the day is to bring together municipal leaders and planners from a number of jurisdictions, along with organizations interested in quality of life, health, safety, and active community members,” said Shawna Babock, co-chair of PAN-RC and the working group. “We want participants to share their knowledge and experience supporting local cycling, walking and paddling.”

The day will provide an opportunity for local people to learn more about Active Transportation resources such as available maps, research, benefits and promotional tools. We will build a stronger, collective understanding of best practices in Ontario that encourage Active Transportation.

“We want people to make the connection between local economic development and Active Transportation,” said Damien McCarthy, co-chair of the working group and owner of the cycling store, GearHeads in Petawawa. “The potential for local tourism is significant. If this area can build awareness and establish a strong reputation as a cycle tourism destination, it’s a potentially huge market.”

The Summit will include lots of time for interaction, discussion and networking. “Last year at the Lanark County event, we saw the huge value of bringing people together to share expertise, passion and evidence to support Active Transportation across all sectors, and that’s exactly what we would like to do,” said Shawna Babcock.

Attendance at the event costs $55, including lunch. Registration is online at:

For information, contact:

Shawna Babcock [email protected]

613 633 7075