Got The Winter Blues?

Remember waking up to a beautiful warm, sunny morning in July? No school pressures and lots of opportunities to get exercise outside. Now fast forward to winter. Your child may not get the winter blues the same way some adults do but for many children the short, cold days don’t help an already stressful season of school. 

This is an important time to plan fun family activities for inside and outside. Your children will never forget moments like building a cool snow fort with you or the time you taught them how to play the crazy eight card game and they won! Going for an early evening walk with your teen is a great way to listen to their thoughts. With younger children you could plan a tropical holiday evening; rent a tropical themed movie, put on your bathing suits, sit on beach towels and sip on some fruit juice. School can be as stressful for children as work is for adults. Perhaps your child would like to take a bath with some soothing music and candles at the end of a hard day. Recognizing that this can be a tough time of year and trying fun activities together may keep the winter blues away for your child and you! 

It is important to remember that what may look like the winter blues may become something more serious, clinical depression. Studies show that up to six out of every one hundred children may have depression. Some signs of depression may include sleeping longer, difficulty being motivated or organized, expressions of hopelessness or helplessness and anger. 

If you are concerned that your child may be depressed there are lots of people to call for help and information.  Please contact Open Doors for Lanark Children and Youth.  For more information, call 613 257- 8260 (Carleton Place) or 613 283 8260 (Smiths Falls and Perth).