Sharable Tips to Help Communities Celebrate Halloween


Sharable Tips to Help Communities Celebrate Halloween  

Asset Building with Trick-or-Treaters: Tips for Neighbors

Halloween seems to bring out the kid in people of all ages, making it the perfect opportunity to build positive connections in neighborhoods and communities.

If you work in a school or community program, you can share the following tips to help trick-or-treating be a positive, asset-building experience for children and adults in your community.

Eleven Halloween Tips for Building Family and Neighborhood Connections

  • If you don’t know the kids who come to your door, ask their names and grades in school.
  • Compliment (or get scared by) their costumes.
  • Ask the child a question or talk to them briefly before you give a treat.
  • Turn on a light so children will be safe.
  • Intervene if trick-or-treaters become disrespectful or damage property.
  • Invite kids with parents you know to come in for a short visit. (Don’t invite kids you don’t know inside.)
  • Offer to take a busy parent’s child or children out along with yours.
  • Share treats that reflect your culture or values.
  • Get together with neighbors to decorate together.
  • Remember to greet kids the next day . . . when they don’t have costumes on!
  • Consider making a special treat bag (with extra treats or extra surprises) for the children who live nearest to you. When these children arrive, make a fuss about them coming and say you have something extra special for them.

Is your school or program hosting a Halloween event? Download a handout with these tips to pass out to parents and other caring adults.